Blended learning

Blended learning is based on three learning environments:2

  • Face to face sessions
  • Meetings in a learning team, supported by a coach
  • A digital environment



Occasionally there can be a fourth environment when there are activities on the work floor. In blended learning the digital learning environment organizes the learning process.

Creblz emphasizes personalized learning in which the individual is increasingly responsible for his own learning process. There is more attention for differences in learning preferences and learning tempo.  Moreover, students can start the learning process as soon as new course material is available on the internet before classes have started. Consequently, educators can focus more on deep learning and personal coaching in face to face meetings and less on basic knowledge transfer. This will improve the quality of their education.

CreBL can also be organised in a way that matches learning activities with preferences in learning strategy (Ruijters 2006). When course designers are aware of the differences in the way students learn they will certainly be able to inspire their students more.