We can offer you all kinds of support

In order to use a digital learning environment succesfully an integral approach is needed in which the digital environment, the didactics and the content expertise are connected. Creblz supports all these activities. Our educational experts support you on questions about didactical choices related to the use of Eurekos and the concept of blended learning in which digital learning is the organizer of the learning process.

Our consultants can advise you in choosing the right change management approach with the implementation of Eurekos and a new didactical concept. We also have the expertise and capacity available to help you with the project management involved in introducing a new digital concept. We are in partnership with the Van Aetsveld consultancy agency , specialists in change management and project management.

Moreover, our Help Desk, available on  week days from 09.00 till 21.00, can support you in matters concerning the technical aspects of Eurekos

Eurekos is free!

In order to enable teachers and developers of education to change their lessons radically Eurekos is free ! Please use the contact form to apply for an account. We would also be willing to give a presentation in which we expand on the possibilities of Eurekos.
Extra subpagina bij Course builder: social hub.

The social hub makes integrated learners
Unique to Eurekos is full social integration. Through cross-channel communication we break the barriers of the traditional private system approach to learning also known as the walled garden problem. Specifically this means that communication and sharing for learning and teaching purposes can be done through various channels such as twitter, facebook, LinkedIn in combination with internal options such as blogs, forum, learning teams and more – and reach out to where students and teachers prefer to be.
Learners can actively participate on included external channels without necessarily being logged in to the any “legacy system” and through any device. Teachers can include dynamic external sources, topic matter experts, previous students (alumni), stakeholders and organize all these this into the course setup.